DeAndre Hopkins trade reaction is swift, hilarious and sad (including a Deshaun Watson side-eye)

The news started as “Wait, the Houston Texans are trading for David Johnson?” and ended with “Wait, the Houston Texans are trading DeAndre Hopkins for David Johnson?!?!”

Granted, there’s more to the proposed blockbuster trade than just those two players — but not a lot. Bill O’Brien, general manager, ladies and gentlemen ...

And Twitter, as you might imagine, had a blast with it. Every bit of it.

First, we wouldn’t be doing justice if we didn’t get nearly instant reaction from the man who perhaps suffers the most directly from the trade.

Although the original tweet was deleted, watch the reaction of Texans QB Deshaun Watson, who was sitting next to trainer Quincy Avery when the news broke:

And just in case you want that Watson still shot for your social media account ...

Watson's face says it all.
Watson's face says it all.

What about the reaction of the quarterback who beat Watson in the AFC title game? He certainly seems surprised.

Others around the NFL, however, were more blunt in their Texans — or let’s face it, Bill O’Brien — bashing.

Here’s one from Hopkins’ new teammate with the Arizona Cardinals ...

... and here is one from one of his former teammates in Houston.

So it’s going over well in some places. And not so well in Houston. What a stunner.

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