D.C. area brewery takes shot at Dan Snyder with new 'Sell The Team' IPA

Chris Cwik

A brewery in Virginia has had enough of Washington owner Dan Snyder. With Washington sitting at 1-8, Harpers Ferry Brewing is sending a clear message to Snyder with its new “Sell The Team” IPA.

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Harpers Ferry Brewing is pulling no punches with the beer, which the company describes as “bitter and slightly disappointing like a trip to fedex [sic] field”

While drinking a beer described as “slightly disappointing” may not appeal to everyone, you won’t need to consume many before you no longer care. At 9.5 percent alcohol by volume, one or two “Sell The Team” IPA will be enough to make you forget about another horrific Washington loss.

Fans of the team have a right to be angry. Washington is set to miss the playoffs for its fourth straight season. The team hasn’t advanced past the wild card game since 2005. On top of that, Snyder routinely ranks high on various “worst owners in sports” lists.

Angering local sports fans is always a risky proposition. The fact that Harpers Ferry Brewing believes it can make a profit on this beer says a lot about how Washington fans feel about the team right now.


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