Days of NBA Lives: Wherein Stevie Francis dares to dream big

At this point, seemingly half the NBA is on Twitter. It's a wild world of training updates, questions as to which movies they should go see, and explanations of their Call of Duty prowess. Every so often, though, you also get a picture into the more interesting aspects of NBA life. This feature is your window into that world.

Spencer Hawes: Just got out of the gym with the reign man learning a ton by the minute.

Ty Lawson: Aahhsdkdoejwhahshhsh!!!!!!

JaVale McGee: went to wingstop last nite n ordered 80 wings... had 30 left and gave them to the 1st homeless dude i saw. but he was doped up on somethn.. so i gave it to the other homeless guy laying there..... he was tearin that chicken up.. lemon pepper never looked so good-P

David West: #manlaw No Ice Cream cones after 18!!

Steve Francis: Where can I get one of those electrical skateboards @?

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