Days of NBA Lives: Wherein Spencer Hawes doesn’t appreciate job-creators

At this point, seemingly half the NBA is on Twitter. It's a wild world of training updates, questions as to which movies they should go see, and explanations of their Call of Duty prowess. Every so often, though, you also get a picture into the more interesting aspects of NBA life. This feature is your window into that world.

Sonny Weems: Riding thru Buffalo and my boy asked do the Yankees and Mets play here!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! #canttakehoodn*****nowhere

Julius Hodge: #random Voshaun Leonard told me my rookie year he couldn't party w/ guys who didn't drink or smoke. I said "I dont like alcoholics anyway!" ... #random I saw w/ my two eye-balls Tim Thomas straightup punk K-Mart in weight room! That's whn I came up w/ the term "selective gangsta" smh

Shelden Williams: I was headed to drop lailaa off at school & as soon as I get there she drops a bomb!! Got my whole car smelling awful as I head to workouts!

Evan Turner: My agent just offered to cook me eggs and then he has no clue how to turn on the stove or what pan to use lol smh #men

Spencer Hawes: 23 million a year for stern huh. Weird no rumblings about a pay cut for the commish while he asks every single player to do so.

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