Days of NBA Lives: Wherein Nate Robinson quotes “Fired Up!”

At this point, seemingly half the NBA is on Twitter. It's a wild world of training updates, questions as to which movies they should go see, and explanations of their Call of Duty prowess. Every so often, though, you also get a picture into the more interesting aspects of NBA life. This feature is your window into that world.

Nate Robinson: Lol RT @caliFAWNia: You gotta risk it to get the biscuit.-@nate_robinson

Kenneth Faried: One of my female followers swag has gain an interest to me.. I think I should hit dat follow button hmmm

John Amaechi: Also, and not to boast about my weight loss (much) - but I dunked on someone last night for the first time in 4 years! #comeback?NO!

Nolan Smith: I gotta half eaten turkey sandwich if you want it! RT @aldridge_12: I'm hungry and roomservice is closed. smh

Julian Wright: So.. Lebron's "Decision" is bad but HS fb players been makin their "decisions" for years (w/ props!), & they be changing they minds too!

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