The Day After: Georgia

Brent Hubbs, Publisher
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Embarrassment for Tennessee, as the Vols suffer their worst loss in Neyland Stadium history. We review the Vols 41-0 shutout with The Day After.



First six possessions defense – Tennessee held Georgia to just 64 yards of offense, including seven yards rushing on 10 carries. For the first six possessions, the Vol defense had an interception, two sacks, four total tackles for loss, and two pass deflection. Then the wheels came off midway through the second quarter.

The fanbase – Vol nation is not happy and rightfully so. Tennessee was shutout for the first time since 1994 and were not competitive from the middle of the second quarter on Saturday afternoon. At $105 a ticket, there's obvious reasons to be hot.


Larry ScottTennessee's offense was just horrific following up on a bad performance against UMass. Georgia is really good on defense, but five games in, the Vol offense seems to have little direction and doesn't appear to be improving. What does Scott do at quarterback? What do they do on the offensive line? Can the receivers learn to beat press coverage?

Turnovers – In the last four games, Tennessee has turned it over 10 times. On Saturday, they turned it over four times with two interceptions and two fumbles. After not turning it over the first week of the season, the Vols have been a turnover machine.

Run defense (after the first six possessions) – Once Georgia committed to the run and went up-tempo, Tennessee's defense got gashed. In their last 45 runs, the Bulldogs rolled up 287 yards. They averaged 6.4 yards a rush


The first offensive snap – The talk all week had been about winning first down and getting off to a good start. The Vols did neither on their first play of the game as Quinten Dormady threw an interception setting Georgia up with a field goal.

Fromm 9-yard touchdown run – Facing 3rd and goal at the 9, Fromm scored with his legs, giving Georgia a 17-0 lead and finishing off the game. The 11-play, 87-yard drive featured three third down conversions all of 7 yards or more and all of them converted on running plays.

Vols fumbled snap – After a terrific interception from Justin Martin giving the Vols great field position at the Georgia 27-yard line. On 2nd-and-8, center Jashon Robertson hit himself with a shotgun snap creating a fumble that Georgia recovered ending the scoring opportunity. The unforced error certainly painted a picture of how bad of a day it was.

Peyton Manning ceremony – Let's face it, there's weren't any highlights on the field of play for the Vols. Having Manning an all the living College Hall of Fame Vols together on the field is a special moment and one we may not see again.


0 – Tennessee had been shutout since 1994 and Saturday's 41 point loss is the great margin of defeat for the Vols in the history of Neyland Stadium.

5 – Number of snaps the Vols had in Georgia territory. They netted -3 yards and a lost fumble.

111 – Number of yards the Georgia offense had in the second quarter. All of it on the ground as they rushed for 2 scores and averaged 6.2 yards a carry and took complete control of the game.

19 – Number of possessions the Vols have gone without a score going back to the UMASS game.


No game ball this week. Quart’e Sapp was the leading tackler, but not enough of them were made at or near the line of scrimmage.

Kendall Victors played his best game with a sack and 9 total tackles, but when you get gashed in the run game, turn it over four times, and have 3 more first downs than you have touchdowns, no one had a game ball worthy day.


There are plenty of concerns, starting from the top all the way down. What happened on Saturday is not acceptable and the question now is what are they going to do about it.

What's the plan to improve an offense that has had no pulse? Jones says every position is open. He said he has no starters at this point and that includes the quarterback position. How does this team respond to a beating?

How does Jones and his staff respond to the shutout loss?

No one knows what Jones' plan is to fix things. But he better have a plan.

The reality is pretty simple for everyone involved the South Carolina game in two weeks is a must win for all involved.

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