Dawn Staley receives her flowers from celebrities after South Carolina wins 2024 NCAA tournament

On Sunday (April 7), Dawn Staley led the South Carolina Gamecocks to a 2024 NCAA championship title, her third since joining the organization as its coach. The victory added to the fact that the team went completely undefeated this season -- the 10th team in women's college basketball history to do so. Staley is now also the first Black coach in NCAA history – woman or man – to complete an undefeated season during her coaching career.


"I’m so proud, so proud,” Staley said during an emotional postgame interview with ESPN. “I am so incredibly happy for our players. It doesn’t always end like you want it to end, much like last year... I’m just super proud of where I work [and] I’m super proud of our fans. It’s awesome. It’s unbelievable.”

Shortly after the incredible victory, love poured in from big names across the country, including former President Barack Obama. "Congrats to [the Gamecocks] and coach Dawn Staley on a perfect season and their third title!" he wrote on Twitter. "It's been an incredible year for women's basketball, and this team was so disciplined and talented. Well deserved."

Plies tweeted a series of messages in support of Staley, including one that saw him sharing in her unwavering faith. "He [gonna] test you before he bless you!" the Florida rapper stated. "No one can stop God’s plan. I love you more than you’ll ever know! God don’t make mistakes. He already had the script written! He just wanted to see if you [were gonna] hold the line. I never had a doubt. I knew you would!"

Prior to coaching, Staley was a six-time WNBA All-Star who played for the Charlotte Sting and the Houston Comets. As both a coach and a point guard, she represented her country as part of the USA Basketball Women's National Team and won a wealth of gold medals as a result.

Check out plenty of other tweets from celebrities and sports peers below.

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