David Wright willing to be an 'asset' for young Mets Brett Baty, Mark Vientos

Mets legend David Wright is with the team at spring training for a few days, and one of the things he touched on during a discussion on Tuesday was what 2024 could look like for Brett Baty and Mark Vientos.

Baty struggled in a big way in 2023, being sent down at one point in a move that was viewed by the team as not just a chance to reset as a player, but mentally.

As far as Vientos, he had a hard time at the plate early in the season, but started tapping into his power in a big way down the stretch -- something that coincided with regular playing time.

With Opening Day just over a month away, Baty and Vientos profile as likely everyday players -- with Baty at third base and Vientos at DH. And Wright thinks they're ready to succeed after varying levels of difficulty in 2023.

"It's tough to say how somebody looks, but just through the drills and just their body language, makes me think they're a little more comfortable this year -- having tasted what it's like in the big leagues," Wright told reporters. "Now it's more of, we've gotta have that sustained success that they've had in the minor league level and do it at this level.

"In some ways, yes -- last year was difficult for a couple of those younger guys. But in a lot of ways I think it's gonna help them in the long run. Because in order to develop, you have to understand what failure feels like and how you bounce back from that failure to have success.

"It's one thing to always have success, but when you experience that first type of failure, it shows me at least what kind of player you are being able to bounce back and get out of that little rut. And I think -- not that they had failure -- I think that they both think that they're better players than what they showed last year, and I'm expecting to see it this year."

Wright added that he told David Stearns and the organization that he's happy to be an "asset" for Baty, Vientos or any other player while he's in camp.

To that end, the former third baseman thinks the area he can help the most is "between their ears" as younger players deal with the ups and downs of New York and the successes and failures that come with being a big league player.

As Baty and Vientos prepared for this season, they both spent some time working with Francisco Lindor on defense and other areas of their game.

Vientos arrived to camp before most of the position players, and said he's ready for the opportunity to be the regular DH if he gets it.

Meanwhile, Baty was reflective during his first talk with reporters after arriving at camp last week, saying that he was "riding the roller coaster too much" last season.

"I think you could go through really good stretches and then really bad stretches," Baty said. "And I think the people that are the best in this game are the ones who are the most consistent, who can go into those valleys, but can also come out of it and stay like even-keeled and stuff like that. And I think I was riding the roller coaster too much."

Added Baty: "Last year is in the past. Like we can learn some stuff from last year, of course, but I'm just looking forward to this year, man. I’m looking forward to having fun. Lot of new faces around, I’ve already gotten to meet a lot of new people, and I think we’re gonna have a really fun year."