David West hilariously denies each and every one of his young fans a high-five (VIDEO)

Indiana Pacers forward and former All-Star David West is known for being a prickly sort. Not a dirty player or selfish teammate in the slightest, as the newish Pacer is well respected by foes, ex-teammates and teammates alike, working hard to carve out a niche in the NBA after entering the league in relative anonymity out of Xavier.

Also, he doesn't want to low-five you, ya punk kid. Check out West's -- I'm sorry -- hilarious reaction to the eight outstretched hands of various children and one adult in the hallway leading from the Pacers' home court back to the team's locker room. And, it should be noted, this video was taken at halftime, and before West's Pacers saw their season end with a 105-93 defeat at the hand of the Miami Heat. Watch, because it's so good:

Now, you can get haughty at the idea of a professional athlete making eight figures a year snubbing some children who just wanted to offer their support. You can look at Danny Granger, who seconds later hooked up to five with the fans on his way to the locker room. You can call him a bad example, because high-fiving people is a necessary skill that all youngsters need to perfect in order to succeed in adulthood. You can point out the tired "makes more than a schoolteacher!"-argument, Dr. Obvious, until your dying day.

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Or, you could laugh out loud as West just blatantly spurns these kids with no remorse, like I can't stop doing. I think this is the greatest, and if I see David West this summer I'll ... well, I'll probably just leave him alone.

Kids have to learn rejection. It's all downhill from here, and they're going to figure it out at some point. For this guidance, we should be thanking David West.

Now, everyone go wake up your children to tell them the truth about Santa Claus, and what exactly makes Elmo's mouth move. You'd be creating a stronger society along the way.

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