David Tepper's Panthers will use Sportsology for both G.M., coaching search

David Tepper is looking for another new G.M., while looking for another new coach. He'll be using a consulting firm to assist with both searches.

As Joe Person of reported over the weekend, Tepper has retained Sportsology to help with the effort to find a new coach. Per a league source, Sportsology will also assist in the search for a new General Manager.

Scott Fitterer was relieved of his duties on Monday. He had been in limbo since Tepper fired coach Frank Reich during the season.

The structure remains to be seen. With some teams, the coach reports to the G.M. At other teams, the coach runs the show. Still other teams have the G.M. and coach separately reporting directly to ownership.

In Carolina, all that matters is that Tepper calls the shots. He reserves the right to veto anyone and everyone, on any issue. And his antics from recent months could make it harder to hire candidates who have options elsewhere.

Tepper's involvement comes from a desire to win. But it's counterproductive. He's too involved. He's trying too hard. He thinks hard work and iron will can deliver results.

It can't. He needs to hire people who know what they're doing, trust them to do it, and get out of the way.

For Tepper, winning five Super Bowls in a row might be easier.