David Stern is a bobblehead doll now

The NBA's movers and shakers gathered in New York for Wednesday's Board of Governors meetings, where the league officially approved a previously discussed change to the format of the NBA finals, switching the organization of games from its present 2-3-2 form to a 2-2-1-1-1 setup. Before the kickoff of the meetings, though, the league apparently held a retirement dinner on Tuesday for outgoing NBA Commissioner David Stern, who will step down on Feb. 1, 2014, after 20 years at the helm of the league.

Apparently, as related by Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert, guests at the dinner were given a lovely parting gift from (or at least in memory of) the departing commish:

("Up&down instead of side to side." Solid zing, Mr. Gilbert!)

Stern showed up to the Wednesday press conference following the BOG meeting with the bobblehead, leading to its worldwide unveiling and the picture at the top of this post. NBA.com's Steve Aschburner doesn't seem quite so sure about the resemblance, but I'll reserve any snark about the cut of the bobblehead's jib until, say, Feb. 2; I'm not trying to be Stern's next chest-pass victim. Besides, it's a bit of swag I'd want in my home office too much to poke any fun; I wholeheartedly co-sign the idea floated by Sean Highkin of FTW that the league should make a David Stern Bobblehead Night part of the half-season-long farewell tour on which the commissioner's about to embark. Or, failing that, they should sell 'em through the NBA's online store, like they did with the Birdman after the finals. (I'd pay double if they put Chris Andersen's tattoos on Stern, personally.)

The bobbleheads reportedly come courtesy of deputy commissioner Adam Silver, who will ascend to the commissioner's chair after Stern leaves it. No wonder everyone says he's such a swell guy.

(Our friends over at SB Nation have an animated GIF of Stern fidgeting with the doll a bit, which is quite fun.)

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