David Price will stop playing 'Fortnite' in Red Sox's clubhouse

Boston Red Sox pitcher David Price is going to do his gaming in private from now on. After some reporters suggested playing the popular video game “Fortnite” led to his most recent injury, the pitcher has vowed to no longer play the game in the Red Sox’s clubhouse.

Price added he does not believe video games were the cause of his most recent injury. He’s expected to make his next start with the Red Sox on Saturday.

Uh … what?

OK, so there’s a lot to unpack here. Price was scratched from his start against the New York Yankees after experiencing numbness in his hand. Turns out, he’s dealing with a mild case of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Some Boston reporters wondered whether video games might have caused the injury. Many of the Red Sox are avid “Fortnite” players. The team has busted out victory dances from the game after big plays this season. Price enjoys the game, and that led to questions about whether playing too much caused his injury.

Did it cause his injury?

It doesn’t sound like playing too much “Fortnite” caused the injury. Price and Red Sox manager Alex Cora said they didn’t believe that was the case. A sports medicine doctor who provides commentary for different Boston media outlets agreed as well, saying thumb inflammation is the more common affliction among gamers.

What did the cause the injury?

Who knows? Maybe it was related to his workouts. Maybe he injured it during a pitching drill. Maybe Price refuses to log off.

David Price is going to game in private from now on. (AP Photo)
David Price is going to game in private from now on. (AP Photo)

Is this a problem?

We can’t speak to Price’s specific habits, but it’s not uncommon for baseball players to play video games in the clubhouse or away from the field. Cora mentioned “FIFA” was a big game among players a few years ago. “Fortnite” is the major one now. A number of Chicago White Sox prospects also love the game.

It’s not just baseball, either. Video games are common in other sports. The Green Bay Packers drew the ire of Aaron Rodgers a few years ago for playing too many video games before actual games. While that instance makes it look like Rodgers doesn’t enjoy video games, that’s not the case. He appeared on “Conan” after his shoulder injury and played “Assassin’s Creed: Origins.”

Why is it a problem now?

Price is a highly-paid pitcher who is off to a poor start. He plays in a tough media market and already has a strained relationship with local reporters.

Had he played in a different city, it’s possible this would not be as big a story. But in Boston, all aspects of a struggling player’s life tend to be fair game.

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