David Pollack: Texas is ‘gonna get smoked’ against Alabama

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David Pollack is not buying the Longhorns chances. The former Georgia standout had the following to say about the matchup on ESPN’s College Gameday.

Listen, Texas loves barbecue. They love their brisket. They’re gonna get smoked today. Absolutely smoked. Alabama is the best team in the country for a reason. Texas, just try to hold on, try to stay healthy. Have a fun rest of the year, but you ain’t winning today.

If ever there was a big game where analysts could safely make bold predictions, this might be the one. Texas is a heavy double-digit home underdog against the Alabama Crimson Tide on Saturday.

There aren’t many matchups the Longhorns can exploit, if any. As Paul Wadlington of Inside Texas noted, Texas would need to attack the Alabama scheme to have success against the Tide.

The experts are predicting a rout. Texas will have to prove itself to win the game.

Story originally appeared on Longhorns Wire