David Ortiz will try out tons of professions in his new TV show 'Big Papi Needs a Job'

David Ortiz is going to try out a bunch of professions on his brand new TV show. (AP Images for Mastercard)
David Ortiz is going to try out a bunch of professions on his brand new TV show. (AP Images for Mastercard)

The 2017 baseball season was the first one in 20 years where we had to soldier on without David Ortiz in a team’s lineup. It was tough for many (for the Boston Red Sox especially), but we made it. And Big Papi spent that year shooting commercials, taking vacations, and being part of FS1’s postseason broadcasts.

But does he have a bigger plan for the rest of his life? Does he have a profession he’s always wanted to try? Thankfully, we won’t have to wonder about those questions for long. On Tuesday, The Hollywood Reporter announced that Big Papi has partnered with Fusion, a cable channel you probably already get, to star in his own TV show.

The show is called “Big Papi Needs a Job,” and it’s not scripted. (Though imagining Big Papi starring in a rebooted version of “Seinfeld” is endlessly joyful.) It’s a 10-part reality show that will follow Ortiz as he tries out a bunch of different professions. The Hollywood Reporter said that those professions will include dog groomer, musician, manicurist, and stadium tour guide.

Here’s what Big Papi had to say about his new show:

“Ever since I was a kid I’ve never been known for sitting still — after 20 years on the field, I’m ready for something new,” Ortiz said in a prepared statement. “I’ve always been about trying new things, and this series is all about that. I’ve been meeting new people and having a lot of fun. I can’t wait for fans to come along for the ride.”​

I’m pretty sure Big Papi doesn’t want to actually be a manicurist (which is a shame, because he could have the most popular nail salon in Boston without even trying). The fun here lies in a guy like Big Papi doing things you wouldn’t expect. He’s warm and gregarious, with a huge personality and a great sense of humor. Imagining him trying to play the piccolo or groom a tiny dog is just inherently hilarious.

The show premieres on Jan. 31, so thankfully we won’t have to wait too long to watch him try.

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