David Ortiz denies book claims linking him to gambler betting against Red Sox

David Ortiz responded to allegations on Thursday that a member of his entourage bet against the Red Sox while he was a member of the team. (AP)
David Ortiz responded to allegations on Thursday that a member of his entourage bet against the Red Sox while he was a member of the team. (AP)

A former Boston Red Sox security agent has released a book linking former slugger David Ortiz to a gambler who allegedly bet against the team in 2005.

Eddie Dominguez, a former member of Major League Baseball’s Department of Investigations and a Boston police officer in addition to his role with the Red Sox, wrote a book titled “Baseball Cop: The Dark Side of America’s National Pastime.”

In it, Dominguez purports to have insider information on doping scandals involving Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Bruan as well as laying to claim to knowledge of a friend of David Ortiz who was banned from the Red Sox club house after regularly betting on baseball.

Dominguez: Close friend of David Ortiz bet against Red Sox

According to Dominguez, a man who went by “Monga,” who was a member of Ortiz’s entourage, regularly bet on games and bet against the Red Sox in 2005. A frequent visitor to the Red Sox clubhouse, “Monga” was banned because of his penchant for gambling, which displeased Ortiz, according to Dominguez.

Dominguez doesn’t accuse Ortiz of placing bets, but claims that the issue prompted a meeting between himself, Ortiz, Red Sox manager Terry Francona and MLB head of security Kevin Hallinan.

“To be clear, I had no proof that Ortiz was placing bets through Monga — or had ever done so — but Monga, who was hanging around the clubhouse, was betting thousands of dollars against the Red Sox,” Dominguez wrote.

“ ’I don’t know what you’re talking about,’ he said,” Dominguez wrote of Ortiz’s response to his allegations in the meeting.

Dominguez says he got Monga arrested at Ortiz’s home

Dominguez also claims to have called immigration on Monga, leading to his arrest at Ortiz’s home in 2007 on nine counts of making false claims of U.S. citizenship.

Ortiz addressed Dominguez’s claims Thursday in an Instagram post staunchly denying the allegations.

“MLB do a hell of a job letting us know as a player the importance of NOT betting on baseball…especially after pete rose,” Ortiz wrote. “I have been a player that has been extremely blessed…not only with the love of the fans, but also with lots of $$$. And im SMART ENOUGH to not get caught in some BS like that….trust me!!!”

Ortiz’s case is compelling. Why would a man with so much at stake in his high-profile position risk everything to be involved with a baseball gambler?

But it’s also not hard to imagine a man maintaining ties with an old friend making bad decisions.

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