David Ornstein: The Key Factors Behind Michael Olise’s Transfer Decision

David Ornstein: The Key Factors Behind Michael Olise’s Transfer Decision
David Ornstein: The Key Factors Behind Michael Olise’s Transfer Decision

Michael Olise: A Rising Star and His Potential Move

Olise’s Transfer Saga

Michael Olise, the highly sought-after winger from Crystal Palace, is the subject of intense speculation regarding his next career move. According to David Ornstein on The Athletic FC Podcast, those close to Olise believe he is set to join a Champions League-calibre club this summer. With his exceptional talent and a release clause of €70 million, Olise has garnered interest from top clubs across Europe.

Interest from Premier League Giants

Recent reports have highlighted Chelsea and Manchester United as the front-runners in the race to sign Olise. Both clubs are keen on adding the 22-year-old to their rosters, with Manchester United marking him as one of their top summer targets. Chelsea has also made contact with Olise, underscoring their intent to secure his services.

However, Ornstein’s insights suggest that the winger’s future may not lie with either of these Premier League giants. “This is somebody there is a feeling around that he should be aiming as high as possible. You know, I’ve always been led to believe that Champions League would be the step he would take after Crystal Palace,” Ornstein explained.

The Champions League Factor

The crucial factor in Olise’s decision-making process appears to be the opportunity to play in the Champions League. Neither Chelsea nor Manchester United can offer Champions League football for the upcoming season, which could be a significant hurdle in their pursuit of the Frenchman. Ornstein noted, “If Champions League clubs are in the frame and he is going to leave what is a really stable and exciting project at Crystal Palace right now under Oliver Glasner, with so many talented players, then you would imagine he would be looking for the step that’s really going to allow him to challenge for – and win – the biggest trophies in world football.”


While a move to a club outside the Champions League is not entirely out of the question, it complicates matters. Olise is likely to weigh the allure of competing at the highest level and challenging for major trophies heavily in his decision.

A Bright Future Ahead

Olise’s journey from Crystal Palace to potentially one of Europe’s elite clubs underscores his remarkable talent and potential. His current club, Crystal Palace, under the guidance of Oliver Glasner, has provided a stable and nurturing environment, contributing significantly to his development. However, the lure of the Champions League and the chance to compete for the biggest honours in football may be too enticing to pass up.

In summary, Michael Olise’s potential move this summer is one of the most intriguing transfer stories. While Chelsea and Manchester United remain interested, the deciding factor will likely be the opportunity to play in the Champions League, setting the stage for a thrilling transfer saga.