David Dobrik receives creepy note via drone in his home

On Oct. 24, Dobrik shared a video to TikTok of a drone flying onto his property carrying a bag of food from Chipotle — along with an unnerving note. “Bro, this is so scary. Someone flew f------ Chipotle on a drone into my backyard,” Dobrik said in the video. Dobrik and his unnamed friends took the items from the drone, which included a little green bag and a note. “To get right to the point, you probably do not know who we are. But soon, the name Project better will be much more familiar,” the note read. “Thank you for being awesome, see you soon”. It also included instructions for a potential meeting. Though the incident seemed to have simply been a creator’s attempt to get more attention for their project, commenters found the whole situation to be a bit eerie. Whether or not the apparent publicity stunt actually worked remains to be seen — no one is quite sure what “Project Better” is yet