David August Heil Q&A: Designer of Conor McGregor’s expletive-laced pinstripe suit


The “Notorious” Conor McGregor created a spectacle during the first of four news conferences with Floyd Mayweather when he showed up wearing a black suit lined with the words “f*** you” embroidered to create a pinstripe illusion.

The suit, now famous, is available for purchase through the luxury clothing line of David August.

In an email interview with Yahoo Sports, David August Heil explains the process of creating the suit and what he expects from sales and fan interest.

Yahoo Sports: How do you go about creating this suit?

Heil: I had this idea of doing a custom woven fabric that would be irreverent and put a twist to the traditional pinstripe suit for quite some time. What’s bolder than creating the pattern with true fighting words? I think we found the right guy and golden moment to shine. I think some people thought the pattern process was a post printing or silk-screened process, but the fabric & pattern was designed by me and produced exclusively for us in a super 130’s wool.  The actual word was woven into the fabric during the weaving process. You may be surprised … from a fairly short distance away the suit looks like a classic Navy Chalk Stripe … that is the beauty of this application.

Yahoo Sports: Did you know immediately after McGregor wore the outfit that David August would need to sell versions of this suit to the public?

Heil: The suit isn’t for everyone so we did not think there would be such an interest to purchase the suit immediately. After the initial appearance and receiving several inquiries about it, we then decided to reproduce the exclusive fabric for the limited edition 3-piece made-to-measure suit.

Conor McGregor shows off his custom suit during the Las Vegas press tour (Getty Images).
Conor McGregor shows off his custom suit during the Las Vegas press tour (Getty Images).

Yahoo Sports: How many suits do you expect to sell?

Heil: We are only producing a limited quantity of suits, just under a couple of dozen so if you’re interested, I highly suggest you act fast. For the first time, we’re securing orders for the suit on our website and then scheduling appointments for measurements to custom make this for you.

Yahoo Sports: What has been the public reaction to the suits thus far?

Heil: The public reaction has been absolutely incredible. I love reading all of the comments on social media and seeing it take a life of its own. They say imitation is the biggest form of flattery but seeing the pinstripe as an arm tattoo is insane. It’s been a fun ride to watch.

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