Davey Martinez suggested Daniel Hudson name newborn daughter Aníbella Sean

Matt Weyrich
NBC Sports Washington

There are things in life much bigger than baseball, and the Washington Nationals recognized that when the placed closer Daniel Hudson on the paternity list ahead of Game 1 of the NLCS in order for him to attend the birth of his daughter.

"Believe it or not, he was, he wanted to be with the team, and I told him I think that it's important that you're with your wife, it's a big moment in your family, I know you have other kids, but it's huge," Martinez said before Game 2 on Saturday. "You got to be supportive and we get it."

Washington ended up not needing the services of its most reliable reliever, as the Nats won 2-0 thanks to Aníbal Sánchez and Sean Doolittle. The pair combined for a one-hit shutout, leading Martinez to text Hudson after the game with a suggestion for his newborn's name.

"I told him that his teammates will pick him up and we'll be okay," Martinez said. "I actually, I told him, I texted him last night and I said, ‘Hey, I got a name for your little girl, and it's Aníbella Sean Hudson."

Hudson and his wife ultimately settled on Millie, but the Nats reliever enjoyed Martinez's suggestion.

"Yeah, we were actually undecided on a name at that point," Hudson said. "We didn't actually figure out a name until we went to bed last night. We kind of finally decided on Millie and, yeah, my wife got a good kick out of that, that was pretty funny."


Davey Martinez suggested Daniel Hudson name newborn daughter Anbella Sean originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

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