Dave Canales wants to take Bryce Young off the "high dive" in his second season

Panthers head coach Dave Canales' chances of success in Carolina will have a lot to do with quarterback Bryce Young, but his approach to building a better offense isn't centered on the 2023 first overall pick.

During a press conference at the Scouting Combine in Indianapolis on Tuesday, Canales said that he has "no plan to fix Bryce Young" after a rough rookie season that saw the team fire Canales' predecessor Frank Reich after 11 games. Canales moved on to an appearance on PFT Live and shared a bit more about his approach to working with the quarterback.

Canales worked for the Seahawks when Russell Wilson entered the league and said he wants to do something similar to what the Seahawks did in 2012. Canales said he's focused on "building an offense, building a defense, a team” that will minimize the stress that Young appeared to be under last season.

“Let’s play a brand of football that takes the quarterback off the high dive,” Canales said.

The Panthers finished 20th in rushing during the 2023 season and that's one area that will have to improve in order for Canales' plan to pan out when it comes time to hit the field later this year.