Dave Canales: You have to earn prime-time games

When the NFL schedule was released last week, 31 teams learned that they will be playing games in prime time this season.

The Panthers were the only team to be left out of the fun. They will have a standalone game when they face the Giants in Germany on a Sunday morning in the U.S. in Week 10, but they will otherwise be playing Sunday afternoon games for the rest of the season.

On Monday, head coach Dave Canales said that those are the breaks for a team coming off of a 2-15 season.

"You got to earn it, you got to earn prime-time games," Canales said, via the team's website. "They don't just throw you on prime-time games for no reason. . . . We have to build something, a version of football that we're proud of and be able to accentuate the strengths and talents of our guys that we have."

Canales believes the team will get to that point, but that they have "a long way to go" before they will be scoring the most desired spots on the schedule.