Davante Adams: Last year proved I don’t need Aaron Rodgers

Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams led the NFL in receiving touchdowns last season, had a career-high in yards per catch, and was chosen a first-team All-Pro for the third straight year. And he did it all without Aaron Rodgers.

Adams admits he didn’t like the perception in some circles that his success in Green Bay was a product of Rodgers’ greatness, and that he’s glad he succeeded last year without Rodgers.

Now people can’t say that,” Adams told TheRinger.com. “That’ll never be the narrative ever again. . . . It proved that I am me. . . . A quarterback doesn’t make me. . . . I make me. And I can do it consistently at this level. . . . That’s why [last] season meant a lot. Even if I went and played like dog shit next year, they can’t say it. Because now I’ve already proved it throughout the course of a season, played every game, and put together a résumé that says I do not need. . . . You can erase all the numbers. You can just write in: He didn’t need Aaron Rodgers.”

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A year later, the Packers will hope they can prove that the franchise doesn’t need Rodgers. And the Jets will hope that Rodgers is just what they need.

Davante Adams: Last year proved I don’t need Aaron Rodgers originally appeared on Pro Football Talk