Davante Adams heaps praise on Justin Jefferson

One of the best things you can receive is praise from your colleagues. Those are the people who understand what you do better than anyone and that makes the praise matter just a little bit more.

That is exactly what Justin Jefferson got from Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams. During an appearance on the I Am Athlete podcast, he called Jefferson the best wide receiver in the league outside of himself or the 1b. to his 1a.

“If I had to go if I left myself out, well, if I had to go, one be, I would go Jets (Jefferson) right now. He’s just he’s too consistent. He’s making really, really tough grabs. He got a different swag to him. Even better change the world with the great I know he didn’t. He’s not the founder of the Griddy, but he can’t do and revolutionize the selling game with the with the company. So I got him. You know when we are wonderful. Yep. Just listening, especially. What do you so what makes Justin Jefferson nice like I said, it’s the consistency is the dog and the way he plays the game is he plays he plays the game very fast and he plays the game. He keeps getting better to you. Somebody did your one. And he came out and then he did it again. And it’s just to keep doing it like that and getting better you you see him getting better with his routes. I talked to him a few times. I mean, he even said last year, you know, until until when it’s especially or he had me as one until this past year over and unload mentality so that right there like this guy’s I say whatever just because I feel like receivables would be like the best receiver on the team whatever it is, but you know certain guys that play like you got to put some behind it like what he has and at this point, he can feel good about you know, the way he played the game. And I definitely definitely, like I said that dog mix with the consistency on top of that. I got to put them in here.”

It’s easy to see why Jefferson would get so much praise from Adams. They are both talented, crafty players who take advantage of cornerbacks in ways that seem illegal. For a third-year player to already be the best wide receiver in the league is remarkable, and something only Randy Moss has done in recent memory.

Story originally appeared on Vikings Wire