Dashcam video might shed light on who was driving the Lamborghini leased by Rashee Rice

Was Chiefs receiver Rashee Rice driving the Lamborghini that was involved in a six-car accident on Saturday? Was the Lamborghini racing a Corvette?

Thanks to dashcam video of the incident, the answer to the second question is yes. The answer to the first question is definitely maybe.

Watch the video. The Corvette tries to pass a car in the left shoulder. The Lamborghini rockets into the picture from behind. The Lamborghini spins to a stop after the collision.

Look closely. It appears that one man emerges from the back seat on the passenger side — and that two emerge from the front seat on the passenger side. Based on the photos posted by on Monday, including the image of Rice with family members before the incident, it looks like Rice is the second person out of the front seat on the passenger side.

Which would suggest that he was the driver.

The video is better quality than the Zapruder film. It's still not entirely clear that two men emerge from the front seat.

It's better than nothing. Coupled with the fact that Rice leased the Lamborghini and the lease agreement specifies that only Rice could drive it, it's looking more likely that Rice was driving. Which introduces far different penalties for leaving the scene of an accident involving injuries.