Daryl Morey: An NFL team reached out about me becoming GM

Michael David Smith
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Daryl Morey, who is viewed by many as one of the most forward-thinking executives in sports, recently left the NBA’s Houston Rockets and became General Manager of the Philadelphia 76ers. But between those two jobs, he also heard interest from an NFL team.

Morey said in an interview with Rich Eisen that after he left the Rockets, an NFL team reached out to gauge his interest in becoming its General Manager. Morey told them he doesn’t think he knows enough about football to do the job.

“I told them I probably don’t know enough, I’ll be honest,” Morey said. “It would be very presumptive for me to think I could help an NFL team, but they did reach out. I just figure my skills are just much higher and better in the NBA, with the experience. But it was an intriguing idea.”

But Morey acknowledged that even if he had been interested, it might not have worked out.

“They didn’t offer it, they just reached out to talk,” Morey said. “They could have met with me and said, ‘That guy’s an idiot’ and moved on.”

Morey is known for his expertise in the use of analytics, and it’s not surprising that some NFL team would think he could apply his knowledge of analytics in basketball to football, just as the Browns have hired Paul DePodesta, formerly known as a baseball analytics guru, to be one of their top personnel people. The analytics principles in one sport could be applied successfully in another sport.

Daryl Morey: An NFL team reached out about me becoming GM originally appeared on Pro Football Talk

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