Daryl Morey made a really dumb gynecologist joke on Twitter

We’re pretty sure Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey just sifted through Dwight Howard’s drafts folder, looking for a joke to steal.

How else would you explain this?

Wow, that’s … yeah. That’s a 42-year old man that runs a pro basketball team that could be worth a billion dollars making gynecologists jokes.

Because when you work as a gynecologist for a living, bro, you’re all about the ladies. It’s like the Playboy Channel, but with better pay, dude!

And also lab coats. And appointments. And years’ worth of schooling in preparation for what can be an arduous job. And patients of all walks of life that very much need a doctor’s expertise when it comes to helping them raise a family, stay in good health, or even staving off what could be a life-threatening condition.

A gynecologist’s work is about as anti-sexual as gigs get. Just because there are genitalia involved, it doesn’t mean the doctor is walking to their car after a day’s work high-fiving everyone he or she sees. And just because there is genitalia involved, it doesn’t mean doctors of all walks don’t get sick of their jobs.

So Daryl Morey, on a plane, made a stupid joke on Twitter. We’ve all done that. Still, what a stupid joke. What are you, Daryl, 12?

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Morey has yet to delete the tweet. Blame the wi-fi:

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