Daryl Morey: Joel Embiid 'completely hosed' out of All-Star starter spot, thanks to 'shameless Boston media'

The Philadelphia 76ers president called into radio station 97.5 The Fanatic with some choice words about the NBA's leading scorer missing out on a starting position in this season's All-Star Game.

Video Transcript

DARYL MOREY: Joel Embiid completely hosed once again. This time-- this time, to your point, the perpetrators of the crime were the shameless media who, most of them will recuse themselves because they don't want to vote on something that affects player's paychecks. But the shameless-- the shameless Boston media is way overrepresented.

They haven't recused themselves. And they shoved Joel low enough so that he's not an All-Star starter. It's crazy.

Instead of going to All-NBA and All-Star systems that would basically just put the five best people on the floor--

- Yep.

DARYL MOREY: They continue to hold on to like antiquated notions of symbols that we put next to players.

The league office has done a good job to get us in the position to be successful. They've made real changes. They've made the game the best it's ever been. And yet there's still-- [MUTED] --sat down in 1948 and put these position labels on people. And we're still voting on them sixty years later. It's crazy to me.