Darren Waller trade official, Raiders hit dozen 2023 draft picks

Yesterday the Raiders had a lot of draft picks this year. Today that have even more. They had 11 draft picks already. And today the trade of Darren Waller to the Giants went official. In exchange they got back the 100 overall pick at the bottom of the third round. Now they have 12.

These are those 12 draft picks:

Round 1, Pick 7
Round 2, Pick 38
Round 3, Pick 70
Round 3, Pick 100 (from NYG via KC Comp)
Round 4, Pick 109
Round 5, Pick 141 (from ATL)
Round 5, Pick 144
Round 5, Pick 174 (Comp)
Round 6, Pick 204 (from DAL)
Round 6, Pick 214 (Comp)
Round 7, Pick 220 (from ARI)
Round 7, Pick 231 (from NE)

It’s unlikely they will come out of this draft with 12 rookies. Most likely some of these picks will be packaged to move up when the opportunity arises.

Despite the sheer number of picks at the Raiders’ disposal, pick 100 makes just the fourth before day three.

With as many needs as this team has, getting as many day one and two picks as possible is a wise move. Raises the possibility they could come close to finding a talent even approaching that of Waller.

Story originally appeared on Raiders Wire