Darko Milicic doesn’t need your fancy banks to keep his money in

Former NBA sharpshooter Casey Jacobsen bounced around quite a bit in his journeyman career before landing a gig in Germany, and a spot on SLAM's online roster of bloggers. And in a recent post detailing some of the quirkier habits of his diverse group of former teammates, he tosses out this nugget about former Memphis Grizzlies teammate and current Minnesota Timberwolves big man Darko Milicic:

It's nearly impossible to explain the weirdness that is Darko, but he told me one time that he did not keep his money in any bank, nor did he invest in stocks or bonds. "I just keep it," he told me and then turned away. Looking back, I should have asked a follow-up question. I don't know if I believe him, but he was making over $6 million that season. That's a lot of cheddar to stash underneath a mattress! On another note… that was easily the longest conversation we ever had, and that was how he preferred it.

Yes, you should have asked a follow-up question. Because I'm just about ready to round up a cast of characters, "Mad Mad Mad Mad World"-style, to try and find Darko's buried millions. The guy has made over $42 million in his NBA career and he's got about $7 million coming to him over the next two years of his partially guaranteed deal with the Wolves. It's time to teach Darko a lesson in smart investing and cat burglary.

(HT: Can't Stop the Bleeding, and Deadspin.)

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