Darko Milicic is competing in the World Carp Classic fishing tournament, obviously

Famous draft bust Darko Milicic, now out of the NBA (at least partially by choice) after 10 seasons as a punchline, is entering a new phase of his life. While he'll always be known in America as the man drafted directly after LeBron James and before such likely Hall of Famers as Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh, and Dwyane Wade, Darko is still a 28-year-old with most of his life ahead of him. He may be out of our immediate sphere, but he's not done. Let the man live.

Nevertheless, even if we grant Darko the ability to pursue whatever he wishes, there are certain activities and events we would not expect him to attend or participate in. Like, say, a big fishing tournament.

Yet, somehow, that's exactly what Darko Milicic will be doing this weekend. As noted by the fine people at Sportando, Milicic is on the list of participants for the 2013 World Carp Classic, an annual tournament currently being held on Lake Bolsena in central Italy.

It bears mention that Darko discussed his love of carp fishing last October during Boston Celtics training camp, so it's not as if this is an unprecedented move for the Serbian. This is something he's been into for a long time — it's not as if he's finding himself after seeing his NBA dreams fizzle. In fact, it's possible to see his entry into this tournament as a case of him doing what he really loves. Maybe, after 10 years in the basketball wilderness, he's found his true calling.

We wish Darko luck as he searches for carp. Hopefully he picked up some new techniques when he played for the Grizzlies.

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