Darius Slay, Steven Nelson: Philly fans' negativity stresses players' mental health

Former Eagles cornerback Steven Nelson and current Eagles cornerback Darius Slay say that playing in front of the boo birds in Philadelphia is a stress that players on the 31 other teams don't have to deal with.

Slay was a guest on Nelson's podcast, and the two of them talked about the way Eagles fans will get on them in a way that fans of other teams don't.

"I learned quick. I said ‘Oh yeah, I got to get out of here. It’s not good for my mental health. I’m stressed out," Nelson said, via

Slay agreed with that.

"It stress you out, boy! I ain’t gonna lie, these are the only fans that ever got to me before," Slay said.

Added Nelson, "That’s what I’m saying! I’m not used to this before. . . . They [fans] are gonna sit [right behind] the bench, and they on your ass."

Slay has also played for the Lions, and Nelson has also played for the Chiefs, Steelers and Texans, and both indicated that they think Eagles fans are unique in how harsh they are toward their home team.

That's not exactly a unique insight: Philly fans have had that reputation for more than half a century. But it's rare to hear active players talk about Philly fans so explicitly, and to declare that playing in front of those fans is a real drawback to being an Eagle.