DaQuan Jones makes recruiting pitch for Jeffery Simmons to join Bills

Tennessee Titans star defender Jeffery Simmons will undoubtedly be a popular topic of conversation this entire offseason.

The All-Pro defensive tackle has made it blatantly obvious that he would like a new deal before the start of the new season, and so much so that Simmons has even decided to go with the modern-day leverage route by deleting pictures of the Titans from his social media accounts.

This is a negotiating tactic veterans often use in recent years to create a stir within the fanbase and media in hopes that it puts pressure on the team to hurry up and meet their asking price.

However, you can’t blame Titans fans for being at least a little nervous after last season’s disastrous decision to trade A.J. Brown that was proceeded by him removing “Tennessee” from his Twitter bio.

Bills defensive lineman and former Titan DaQuon Jones recently decided to take advantage of the rumor mill by posting a picture of the two together, with the caption, “wouldn’t he look [good] in a Bills uniform?”

These types of half-joking recruiting pitches are nothing new in the NFL and probably won’t be going away until Simmons signs on the dotted line.

This could end up being a very long offseason full of long, ugly contract negotiations, or it could all be avoided if the two can come to a mutual agreement over the coming weeks.

For the fanbase’s sanity, let’s hope Tennessee’s new general manager, Ran Carthon, can get this done sooner rather than later.

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Story originally appeared on Titans Wire