Dany Heatley wins $6.5 million after suing former agent

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The last few years haven’t been what you’d call a good run for Dany Heatley, who is just a decade removed from back-to-back 50-goal seasons in the NHL.

His NHL career petered out in 2015, playing just six games with the Anaheim Ducks while spending 43 games in the American Hockey League. He last played in Germany in 2016 with the Nuermberg Thomas Sabo Ice Tigers, which is quite a name.

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Meanwhile, off the ice, Heatley was embroiled in a protracted legal battle with Stacey McAlpine, his former agent and business advisor, with Heatley seeking upwards of $11 million in damages for a fraudulent real estate deal.

This week, a judge in Calgary ruled in his favor.

The gist of the lawsuit, from the Globe and Mail in 2012:

Heatley, a left winger with the Minnesota Wild, alleges that his former agent and business adviser, Stacey McAlpine, as well as McAlpine’s parents, Gerald and Eugenia, lured him into several real-estate ventures across Canada and the United States with promises of huge returns that never materialized. The lawsuit, filed last week in the Court of Queen’s Bench in Calgary, also alleges that Heatley’s former agent dipped into his bank accounts and made unauthorized withdrawals of more than $4-million. The 20-page statement of claim alleges conspiracy, oppression, breach of fiduciary obligation and unjust enrichment by the McAlpine family, which Heatley accuses of using multiple corporate entities “as a sham, cloak or alter ego, in order to shield themselves from personal liability.”

Please note that former Ottawa Senators defenseman Chris Phillips also sued McAlpine for investing in “unapproved real estate investments including an Ottawa condominium.”

In the lawsuit, Heatley claimed that the McAlpines promised him that the real estate investment “would pay him back 100 percent and more so over five years.” Which, apparently, they did not.

According to CTV, Heatley was awarded $4,167,839.13 from Presidential Suites and $2,348,875.53 from Waterfront Development.

Alas, CTV also reports that “he received a similar judgment a few years ago and didn’t receive the money.” But hey, the wheels of justice move slowly; although, in fairness, probably not as slowly as Dany Heatley did towards the end of his career.

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