Danny Green, Sixers had ‘postgame party’ weight room session after loss

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Ky Carlin
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Emotions can run high in the NBA. Especially in big game matchups like the one the Philadelphia 76ers were in on Wednesday when they fell in overtime to the Milwaukee Bucks. It was a game they probably should have won after building a 19-point lead, but their tired legs caught up to him and that was a deciding factor.

However, after the game was over, the Sixers immediately went right back to work.

The team got into the weight room with something veteran Danny Green called a “postgame party”. It was a way for the team to get out some frustrations and try and get themselves back on the right track.

“We actually had a postgame party, a very small party after, after the last game, after we lost to Milwaukee,” he explained. “Obviously, wanted to win that one. We let that one slip away, they played a great game, hats off to them. With those types of games, we felt we should have had regardless of who’s on the floor or not. We played well enough, played good enough defense, we got to finish stronger, we got to be locked in for longer.”

It was definitely a tough situation for Philadelphia. They had just had a rough and physical matchup with the New York Knicks the night before where they had to close it out late and then had to immediately prepare for the Bucks. The legs were tired.

“That was a mental lesson for us,” Green added. “A mentally fatigue type of situation for us where we have to be able to focus and stay locked in regardless of how physically tired we are.”

So, that was the reason for the weight room session on Wednesday. It is a way for them to get back at it and continue to push themselves a little bit.

We had a postgame party after the last game. I think guys were a little frustrated taking out some of their anger in the weight room and some of the frustrations because of the loss, but they’re usually a lot of fun. A lot of high energy, music, guys getting after it, taking care of their bodies, making sure their bodies don’t break down and staying strong.”

Another big thing for Philadelphia in this type of situation is that it helps build chemistry. The Sixers are still a somewhat new team and they are a team that needs to make sure everything is in sync for them to move forward.

“Just another way for us to bond,” Green finished. “There’s also that aspect of competing for the big energy chain that we have on the line so it’s always a lot of fun. Sometimes, it’s not always great and happy hunky dory but it’s another outlet for us to you know, release some frustration.”

Philadelphia will take on the Sacramento Kings on Wednesday as they look to bounce back.

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