Daniel Jeremiah talks which QB could best fit Commanders OC Kliff Kingsbury

It’s officially draft season. NFL Network draft analyst Daniel Jeremiah held his annual conference call ahead of the NFL combine on Thursday, answering questions from reporters regarding the 2024 NFL draft.

Two teams control the draft: The Chicago Bears and the Washington Commanders. The Bears hold the No. 1 overall pick and are expected to select USC quarterback Caleb Williams.

The Commanders hold the second selection and will likely select a quarterback, But which one?

Jeremiah was asked which quarterback he thinks fits the Commanders and Kingsbury the best.

Well, I think Kliff — I think Kliff can use what he has and adjust a little bit with his offense. I don’t think it’s super, super rigid.

But I know over everything else you talk about guys that can get through things quickly and get the ball out and get it out accurately. So I think you can look at all these guys. I think all three of them would fit. I don’t think that there’s anybody you look at between those three and say Kliff couldn’t work with them.

I think you get mobility with all three. You get guys that are all three of them by everything I’ve been told are really, really bright, really, really smart guys. To me it’s more about kind of the ceiling of what you think they can be.

Drake Maye with just having a little more prototypical size and playing in a rugged division, I think that might be more of a decision-making point more so maybe than the offense would be. You know, the location and the division and playing outdoors in Washington. That to me would lean a little bit more towards Drake Maye.

When discussing the three, Jeremiah didn’t necessarily say this was his choice because Williams was already gone. Jeremiah, like everyone, assumes Williams will go No. 1 overall, but on more than one occasion, he has mentioned how much he likes Maye for the Commanders.

Jeremiah mentioned Kingsbury not being rigid with his offense, something Kingsbury pointed out in his opening press conference, refusing to call his offense the traditional “Air Raid.” Instead, Kingsbury will use his experience with the Cardinals and one year out of the NFL to adapt his offense to his personnel, including the rookie quarterback.

Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire