Daniel Jeremiah NFL Mock Draft 1.0: Raiders pass on QB CJ Stroud to take offensive tackle

As we head into the tail end of January the mock draft season is in full swing. That means some of the big time draft gurus begin putting out their predictions.

Today NFL Network’s resident draft guru added his first submission to the mock draft arena. What he has the Raiders doing at seven might surprise you.

Here is how his mock draft begins:

  1. Chicago Bears — DT Jalen Carter

  2. Houston Texans — QB Bryce Young

  3. Arizona Cardinals — ED Will Anderson

  4. Indianapolis Colts — QB Will Levis

  5. Seattle Seahawks — ED Tyree Wilson

  6. Detroit Lions — CB Devin Witherspoon

  7. Las Vegas Raiders — OT Peter Skoronski

Here is what Jeremiah says about the Raiders selection of Skoronski at seven:

Skoronski is the best offensive lineman in this draft class, and that’s an area the Raiders must address. He doesn’t have ideal length, but I don’t see that as an issue after studying his tape.

What most interesting about this selection is who is on the board when they make the pick. Jeremiah has Ohio State QB CJ Stroud still there. And yet the Raiders don’t take him. Stroud instead goes at 9th overall to the Panthers.

This is somewhat of a shocking selection.

Not only would it be surprising that Stroud was still on the board at 7 overall (let alone 9th), but in the Raiders’ current situation, I can’t imagine they would pass on him for a tackle. I mean, who is the tackle supposed to be protecting?

The only logic I could see with how this order playing out is if Jeremiah thinks the Raiders will get their QB in free agency (Tom Brady perhaps?) or that the Panthers will get Stroud by trading ahead of the Raiders. Though he doesn’t note either of those possibilities in his descriptions.

Story originally appeared on Raiders Wire