Daniel Jeremiah: Giants trading up for a QB ‘very much in play’

Could the New York Giants move up in this year’s NFL draft to select one of the top quarterbacks? Or will they stand pat for one more year and take their chances with Daniel Jones?

NFL draft analyst Daniel Jeremiah addressed the issues facing Big Blue this spring during his conference call with reporters on Thursday.

“I pulled up the chart and kind of ran the numbers of what it might look like if they were going to go from six to three,” Jeremiah said in response to the notion of the Giants trading up from the No. 6 spot in the draft.

“Adding in the fact that there’s a little bit of a premium you have to pay. So for the Giants to get up to the third pick, you’re talking about the sixth overall pick this year. You’re talking about your second-round pick, No. 39, this year, your second-round pick this year at 47, and next year’s (second).

“So it really would cost you three 2s, two this year and one next year. It’s a steep price to pay. A little bit of a premium there. You could get up to three with the ammunition that they have and get that done.

“I would not rule that out. I know you have one more year of Daniel Jones before they could kind of get out of that contract, but I think that would be something that would be very much in play.”

Which quarterback the Giants would put a package together for is still unknown. Mock draft simulators have netted many scenarios where the teams ahead of the Giants are willing to move back several spots but few where the Giants are the team moving up.

As for next year’s quarterback class, it’s way too early to speculate if the Giants are eyeing any of the potential top names to the point where they’d seek to position themselves via a trade this year.

Story originally appeared on Giants Wire