Daniel Jeremiah explains why Bears can’t pass up on Caleb Williams

The Chicago Bears are staring down a franchise-altering decision at quarterback this offseason. While no one knows what Chicago is going to do, the general consensus is that they’ll move on from Justin Fields and draft a rookie.

The expectation is that would be projected No. 1 pick Caleb Williams, who many consider to be an elite, potentially generational, prospect.

NFL Network draft analyst Daniel Jeremiah has been a big proponent of the Bears drafting Williams with the first overall selection — even though the option of trading the pick for an absolute haul is appealing in its own right.

He explained why the Bears can’t afford to pass up on Williams barring some historic trade haul for the top pick.

“I lean heavily in favor of taking Caleb Williams,” Jeremiah said on a recent conference call previewing the NFL Scouting Combine. “Unless you have got the offer of all offers, which is a combination of picks and players that it’s literally too good to turn down. It would have to blow me away to move off of that pick.

“There aren’t perfect players. Caleb is not a perfect player. Caleb is going to require some patience and assembly there, but the ability is off the charts and what he can be is something that’s extremely exciting.”

Nothing is guaranteed in NFL, and Williams is far from a perfect prospect. But some draft experts see Williams as one of the best quarterback prospects in the past decade with his elite skillset complete with arm strength, accuracy, athleticism and creativity.

If the Bears believe Williams can develop into an elite player, Jeremiah believes Chicago needs to take that chance on him.

“I think you have to be smart of how you get him going and get him up and running, but I think the up side there, the tools there are pretty dang elite,” Jeremiah said. “While I hear the argument of build up the whole roster and think about the whole team.

“I’m, like, yeah, I know one or two Super Bowls every 10 years you’ll get a Nick Foles magic carpet ride with an unbelievable team. The rest of them seem to be won by Patrick Mahomes and Tom Bradys of the world, the elite, elite guys.

“If you have a chance to go out there and get one of these guys who can be elite, I think you have to take your shot if you are the Bears.”

Story originally appeared on Bears Wire