Daniel Alfredsson steps away from Ottawa Senators, NHL

In 2013, Daniel Alfredsson made waves around the free agent frenzy, leaving the Ottawa Senators in July after 17 years and signing with the Detroit Red Wings.

In 2017, Alfredsson made waves again on July 1 – by leaving the Ottawa Senators, again.

Alfredsson, the team’s senior advisor of hockey operations, announced he would not be back with the team’s front office in a surprising turn of events, considering he worked the team’s draft table last weekend.

Said Alfredsson, in a statement:

“After two enjoyable years learning about the front office of hockey with the Senators, I’m pleased to pass along that I’ve made the decision to step away from the game and will take this time to evaluate what professional challenge I will pursue next.”

“I want to thank the Senators for the opportunity; it has enabled me to understand the type of commitments required to work in hockey should I determine that to be my future path. Our first order of business is getting established in our new home in Ottawa and returning to Gothenburg, with my family, to visit Swedish family and friends for the summer. We look forward to sharing the details of what’s next for the Alfredsson family in the future.”

So it sounds like Alfredsson wants to explore some non-hockey interests, having gotten a taste of front office life. It’s reminiscent of something Hall of Famer Paul Kariya said recently, about loving life as a player but not necessarily loving the time commitment it takes to be an executive or a scout which, in some ways, is more significant than that of a player.

It’s just good to know that, this time, Alfredsson’s split with the Senators isn’t anywhere as acrimonious as it was four years ago.

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