‘Dang, I really got curb stomped’: Grant Williams on escaping mostly unscathed after Joel Embiid stepped on his head

When it happened, the world seemed to slow down and we all took a sharp breath and held it while hoping for less than it looked like it was. Boston Celtics reserve forward Grant Williams was on the ground, and Philadelphia 76ers star Joel Embiid — a 7-foot-tall, 280 lb. mountain of a man — accidentally stepped on his head.

“I was like, ‘Dang, I really got curb stomped,'” said Williams to the press postgame, miraculously escaping major injury, though, per Bally Sports’ Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson, the Tennessee product will be getting stitches and a mouthpiece for Game 4 out of the bargain. But Williams, after getting a number of lacerations tended to by the medical staff, came back in the game and was no small part of Boston’s key Game 3 win.

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“It happens, man,” offered the Charlotte native, who had no truck with his opponents’ misstep despite the danger it had put him in.

“He was falling backward and I’m just thankful he didn’t fully lean his weight on it because he definitely got me pretty badly but then I think he felt like he landed on something so he picked his foot up.”

Thank goodness for that — and for Grant.


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