Dane Cook and Maria Menounos yell for the Celtics (VIDEO)

Boston sports fans have a deserved reputation for being very loud, to the point where they often seem treat yelling as a tribalistic urge rather than a natural outpouring of support for a team they love in a sport they love. It's the Boston way, and it extends to celebrity fans and normal guys named Sully alike.

With a huge Game 6 vs. the Miami Heat looming at the TD Garden on Thursday night, two famous Celtics fans have used their social media presence to scream loudly for their favorite basketball team. Above, watch quasi-observational comedian and "Employee of the Month" star Dane Cook engage in an extremely annoying chant for the Celtics. Trey Kerby of The Basketball Jones rightfully noted that it's enough to make the Heat haters of America rethink their choices.

Then, after the jump, watch Maria Menounos, the beautiful host of "Extra" and co-star of the Jamie Kennedy vehicle "Kickin it Old Skool," do her own bit of supportive yelling for the Celtics. You can also join us there for a discussion of which video is more stereotypically Boston.

The temptation here is to claim that Cook is much more Boston in his clip, what with the ridiculous chanting and haven't-showered-in-several-days look. In addition, simply being a man gives him extra points, since most NBA fans think of Celtics supporters as dudes in hats. Certainly, there's a good argument in favor of Cook.

However, Menounos is the real winner here. While Cook is quite Boston, he is a little too spastic in his chanting for the usual Celtics crowd. Menounos, though, maintains a steady level of intensity throughout and devotes all of her energy to yelling as loud as possible. She also feels the need to apologize for not being in the building for the game, as if her presence would be the difference between a win and a loss. Plus, in the most Boston move of all, she focuses primarily on the fact that analysts and opponents gave the Celtics no credit despite being a team of future Hall of Famers and All-Stars. Playing the aggrieved underdog (which it must be said is somewhat warranted, in this case) is as stereotypically Boston as eating vats of clam chowder.

We wish Mr. Cook better luck in the future. At the very least, he can do better next time by turning his hat backwards.

(Cook video via TBJ, Menounos video via BuzzFeed)

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