D'Andre Swift recalls unpleasant narrative from previous ‘Hard Knocks' experience

D'Andre Swift recalls unpleasant narrative from previous ‘Hard Knocks' experience originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

The Bears are preparing to host HBO for their annual "Hard Knocks" documentary that follows a team during training camp.

Some players and coaches have experienced being on the documentary from prior destinations. Newly signed Bears running back, D'Andre Swift, experienced an unpleasant blip with the documentary.

It came from his time with the Lions during the 2022 offseason version of the documentary. Then running backs coach Duce Staley chewed out Swift for not reaching his potential.

“You can be the best in this league, you really can," Staley told Swift on the documentary. "But, what you got to do is this: You got to have that dog mentality," Staley emphatically told Swift. "You got to bring that (expletive) out of you.

"If you would have stiff-armed him there, you might have (expletive) scored. You’re making it too easy for him. They’re already scared of you getting out there. Finish it! C’mon, man. Finish it! Be hungry. Be greedy for every (expletive) yard. Go get it. That’s the mentality. ‘Every yard out there is mine.’ Don’t be satisfied with that (expletive), man. Every time you step between them (expletive) lines, you got to believe you’re the (expletive) best. You got to believe it.”

From the documentary, it appeared Swift had a jaded relationship with Staley based on the way the two interacted with each other. According to Swift, that's far from the truth.

"They [Hard Knocks] just tried to portray a different narrative and what it was as far as my relationship with Coach Staley, but it was a cool experience. I'll say like that," Swift said at Halas Hall on Friday.

With the cameras coming back, Swift isn't worried too much about being in front of them again.

"For me personally, I don’t really worry about the cameras too much," Swift said. "I got a job to do here every day, so I’m not really focused on it."

No one would admit it outright, but being on "Hard Knocks" isn't the most desirable opportunity. Most teams, coaches and players see it as a distraction. GM Ryan Poles, Chairman George McCaskey and even rookie wide receiver Rome Odunze have all shared their dismay with partaking in the documentary before the Bears were selected.

On the other hand, being selected to participate means you're doing something right. And Swift knows that.

"That’s exciting, that’s exciting first and foremost," he said. "I seen the news came out, excited for the fans, the team. That means eyes, people want to look for the Bears, so we are excited for the opportunity."

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