D'Andre Swift fantasy football outlook

Yahoo Sports fantasy football expert Matt Harmon says D'Andre Swift's 2020 fantasy outlook will be capped by the presence of Kerryon Johnson.

Video Transcript

MATT HARMON: Well, the Lions just took a second rounder running back in the actual NFL draft, and that is obviously a death knell to Kerryon Johnson's potential future as a feature back. If you were counting on that this year, that's not going to happen. And honestly, this kind of stinks for Swift too, because if Johnson is healthy, he's going to figure into the equation here. He's runs a little upright, but he's still a pretty good back. We've seen that at the NFL level.

Swift is a guy who's electric, he's good in the passing game. I just worry about him having to split time with another young back that this team just invested in a couple of years ago. So honestly, both of these guys are pretty much fantasy losers with this draft pick here, because you really can't count on the Lions offense, even if Matt Stafford gets back to the really strong performance that he was having before he got hurt last year. You really can't count on this type of offense being one that's going to support two running backs.