Dana White goes way back with Puka Nacua: ‘He grew up in our house’

Puka Nacua and Dana White aren’t related, but Nacua calls the UFC president “Uncle Dana” because they’ve been close for years – all the way back to when Nacua was a youth football player. Before moving to Utah, Nacua grew up in Las Vegas with his family and was friends with White’s son, Dana. They played youth football together, so White almost became a family member to Nacua with how close they became.

During an interview with Julian Edelman on “Games With Names,” White talked about his ties to Nacua and how proud he is to see all that the Rams receiver has accomplished.

“My kids grew up with Puka. He grew up in our house,” White said before Edelman asked, “Was he ballin’?”

“Ballin’. Me and Lorenzo used to fund a team called the ‘Little Cowboys’ and he was on the ‘Little Cowboys’ with my kids and a bunch of other guys that are playing right now,” White said. “There’s a few kids that went to the NFL from that team, and good colleges, too. To see Puka doing what he’s doing now, it could not happen to a better human being.”

“When you meet this kid, you will love this kid. He’s such a good kid.”

Coach David White shared a photo on Twitter four years ago that has White’s son, Dana, and Nacua wearing their Little Cowboys uniforms. Little did anyone know, Nacua would go on to become a star in the NFL.

White congratulated Nacua in January when he broke the rookie receptions and receiving yards record in Week 18 against the 49ers, sharing just how proud and happy he is for the Rams wideout.

Last year, the Rams did a rookie challenge where he had to call the most famous person in his phone. Humbly, Nacua dialed up Uncle Dana White, who answered and couldn’t have been more excited about it.

“I love seeing you in the Rams gear! I’m so proud of you, man.”

Not every rookie in the NFL can casually FaceTime the UFC president but Nacua goes way back with White and his family, which is awesome.

Story originally appeared on Rams Wire