Dana White: 'Conor McGregor will fight again'

Conor McGregor has had one of the most eventful starts to the spring calendar of anyone.

The former UFC champion retired, then seemed to unretire, while engaging in a war of tweets and watching as the world viewed surveillance video of him smashing a fan’s phone.

Ultimate Fighting Championship president Dana White isn’t worried, announcing Friday that, “Conor McGregor will fight again.”

FILE - In this Oct. 5, 2018, file photo, Conor McGregor poses during a ceremonial weigh-in for the UFC 229 mixed martial arts fight in Las Vegas.  Superstar UFC fighter McGregor has announced on social media that he is retiring from mixed martial arts. McGregor’s verified Twitter account had a post early Tuesday, March 26, 2019,  that said the former featherweight and lightweight UFC champion was making a “quick announcement.”(AP Photo/John Locher, File)
Conor McGregor is scheduled to meet with Dana White later this month, says the UFC president. (AP)

White: ‘Things are good with Conor’

White was on CNN previewing UFC 236, set to take place this weekend, when the conversation turned to McGregor and if he is “really retired.”

"Conor likes to be in a position where he holds the cards and he does what he wants to do,” White said. “And, you know, he and I figure out how to work together and how to make it all happen."

White said McGregor discussed the retirement with him and he doesn’t believe the star fighter is done.

"Conor McGregor will fight again," White said.

The two talk every day, White said, and lately have discussed possible fights and a time to return to the sport. The two are set to meet in Florida within the next few days, he said.

“Things are good with Conor and I and we'll get something figured out soon.

McGregor’s spring summed up

March 11: McGregor reportedly took a fan’s phone and smashed it outside a Miami nightclub. The fan pressed charges.

March 25: McGregor announced his retirement in a tweet. It followed the 30-year-old’s decision to “retire young” in 2016, though he returned. The latest retirement came while he was suspended for his role in the post-fight chaos after a loss to UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov. That same night he was on a late-night show alluding to future fights.

White was skeptical at the time, saying in an interview “I think there’s some things Conor wants.” White said the star was holding out for an ownership stake.

March 26: The New York Times reports McGregor is being investigated in Ireland for sexual assault. The victim reported it happened at a Dublin hotel in December.

April 3: McGregor seemed to change course with another tweet that read “Now see you in the Octagon.

The same day McGregor took to Twitter to attack Nurmagomedov’s family in since-deleted posts. The two went back-and-forth on Twitter throughout the afternoon.

April 11: Prosecutors released new video from the phone-smashing incident that clearly shows the star fighter stomping on it. McGregor reportedly settled the lawsuit, but still faces charges and up to six years in prison.

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