Dan Snyder wants $7 billion for the Commanders

Earlier on Wednesday, FOX Business Network’s Charles Gasparino reported that the sale of the NFL’s Washington Commanders would come “weeks” after the Super Bowl and before the NFL owner’s meetings late next month.

On Wednesday night, A.J. Perez of Front Office Sports reported that perhaps one factor that could be slowing down the sale of the Commanders is owner Dan Snyder’s asking price.

One factor for the lack of news: Snyder appears to be holding out for a $7 billion bid for the franchise, two sources with knowledge of the process told FOS.

Remember, there was said to be some disappointment after the first round of bids topped out at a reported $6.3 million. However, that first round of bidding did not feature Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. Bezos’ lack of an opening bid didn’t mean he wasn’t interested in the team. If Bezos truly wants the Commanders, no one could compete with him, so Bezos not submitting an opening bid was a strategic move.

Gasparino said Wednesday that Bezos remains interested in the Commanders and will submit a bid once all the initial bids are in.

To put Washington’s potential sale into perspective, the Denver Broncos sold for $4.7 billion last year — $1.6 less than the Commanders’ reported high opening-round bid. That was a worldwide record number for a sports franchise. Washington will blow that number out of the water.

There’s also the potential that Snyder doesn’t want to sell to Bezos. It’s been reported that the Snyder family detests Bezos as Bezos’ paper, The Washington Post, initially broke the toxic workplace scandal story in 2020.

Here’s this from Perez:

While there are no indications Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has put in a bid, one source told FOS that Bezos could be the among the only potential suitor willing to pay close to $7 billion.

The rub is Snyder’s apparent unwillingness to sell to Bezos, who owns The Washington Post. The outlet exposed the toxic workplace claims and detailed a previously unknown harassment claim against Snyder in 2009. Snyder denied the allegations of harassment.

If Bezos does indeed bid on the Commanders and reaches the $7 billion mark or comes close, it’s difficult to believe Snyder would turn down that type of money. However, Snyder has proven in the past he can hold a grudge.

Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire