Dan Shaughnessy shares some rare Larry Bird stories from the 1980s Celtics

Few people had a better view of Boston Celtics history in the 1980s as it happened than famed New England sportswriter Dan Shaughnessy. A Boston Globe legend, Shaugnessy did what many like him during the pandemic lockdowns, he wrote a book on being on the road with the NBA of the 1980s, particularly Larry Bird and the 1980s Celtics.

Shaugnessy provides a very unique and rare uncensored glimpse at the media life during a league that needed the media to promote their games and the media needed the athletes to build their stories.

To hear some Larry Legend stories you won’t hear anywhere else, be sure to check out the clip embedded below from the CLNS Media “NBA History and Storytellers” show.

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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire