Dan Orlovsky thinks Bears' Justin Fields will be in MVP conversation

Orlovsky thinks Justin Fields will be in MVP convo originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

An MVP season incoming for Justin Fields?

ESPN analyst Dan Orlovsky thinks it's possible for the Chicago Bears quarterback.

"Justin Fields is going to be in the MVP conversation this season," Orlovsky said. "I said that last year and everyone mocked me."

Fields went on a tear last year after offensive coordinator Luke Getsy made some mid-season tweaks to the offense. Fields actually did get an MVP vote too.

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"The Chicago Bears had the number one pick. They were terrible last year," Orlovsky said. "The only reason that they were actually in games because of Justin Fields.

"Fast forward to this year. Their general manager, Ryan Poles, has done a couple of things. Number one, this offensive line has gone from weakness to potential strength. The addition of (offensive tackle) Darnell Wright. Nate Davis they brought over in free agency. Now Teven Jenkins kicks inside.

"Number two, DJ Moore. There's there's finally some decent talent on the outside that he's going to have the chance to throw to.

"And then, three, the growth that he is going to have."


Getsy told the media Fields is lightyears ahead of where he was last year.

"I'll say it again. He is going to be in the MVP conversation this year because he finally has the right people around him to allow his talents to excel," Orlovsky said.

While everyone is quick to compare Fields to Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts and the leap he made in his third season, Orlovsky thinks the comparison should be made with Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen.

"Everyone continues to say follow the Jalen Hurts model for the style, no," Orlovsky said. "Justin Fields' season should look a lot like what Josh Allen's second season did that last half. I remember everyone talking about Josh.


"I think his last 11 games of his second season, he went for like 18 touchdowns with three picks and you saw, oh, it's starting to take off. That's what this season should look like from start to finish for Justin Fields."

Orlovsky has been beating this MVP drum for Fields for a while. He said it during last season when Fields started to take off, and he said it in the immediate aftermath of the DJ Moore trade.

"Justin Fields will play MVP level football for the next two seasons," Orlovsky said in March. "And that's what the Bears believe in, this trade helps that."

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