Dan Orlovsky has message for Zach Wilson: ‘Grow the fudge up’

Many folks were fired up after watching Zach Wilson’s performance against the New England Patriots and many have some strong words to describe that performance. One prominent NFL analyst was among that group and had a direct message for him Monday morning.

Appearing on ESPN’s “Get Up” Monday morning, NFL analyst and former NFL quarterback Dan Orlovsky talked about Wilson and shared some words, maybe tough love, if you will, towards the Jets quarterback. Plain and simple, Orlovsky said if he was in the quarterback room with Wilson, he would tell him to “grow the fudge up.”

“You’re not in the Mountain West anymore,” Orlovsky added.

He would also go on to say “there’s a difference between carelessness and aggression. There’s a difference between confidence and ego. Right now, you play with such ego, such carelessness, such recklessness with the football.”

Orlovsky did say that he does like Wilson and that there were times during the Patriots game where you see the talent that made him the No. 2 pick in the draft. “But these decisions are unbelievably reckless,” he said.

“This means you have to grow up,” Orlovsky said. “Right now, you’re holding your football team and certainly your offense back. You ain’t playing against the Mountain West anymore, dude. This is the NFL. And at some point, your organization is going to look at you and say ‘You ain’t the guy.'”

Strong words from Orlovsky, but if Wilson can’t get it together at some point, his words, especially the “you ain’t the guy” part, will be dead on.

Check out the full clip from Orlovsky.

Story originally appeared on Jets Wire