Dan Orlovsky goes off on ‘impossible’ QB situation in New England

Anyone considering dumping Mac Jones and the New England Patriots drafting another quarterback should probably hear ESPN analyst Dan Orlovsky out first.

Orlovsky has built a personal relationship with Jones behind the scenes over the years, and he has served as an outside source of information for the third-year player in his quest towards improving at the quarterback position.

In many ways, Jones has been scapegoated for everything that is wrong in New England. The Patriots have one of the worst offensive lines in the league, and their playmakers at receiver, outside of rookie sixth-round draft pick Demario Douglas, are relatively non-existent.

Orlovsky took things a step further when criticizing the situation around Jones in a social media post on Friday. He called the Patriots’ quarterback situation one of the “worst over the last decade.”

It’s hard to argue with statistics, which honestly aren’t even needed at this point. It has been obvious from the start how poorly constructed the Patriots’ roster has been, particularly on the offensive side of the ball.

But it’s also true that Jones looks like a broken quarterback at this point.

One thing everyone can agree on is the fact that this current version of Jones doesn’t look anything like the same guy that played under center in 2021. It’s a night and day difference.

If the Patriots don’t make the necessary changes as an organization, the same could hold true for any other quarterback that walks in the door in 2024 and beyond.

Story originally appeared on Patriots Wire